Protrusive Education

The Scandinavian Approach to Partial Dentures with Dr Finlay Sutton

**Dr Finlay Sutton is coming down South for his signature RPD Masterclass!**


Friday 13th January 2023 1 PLACE LEFT


Saturday 14th January 2023 LAST FEW PLACES LEFT

Precision Dental Studio, RG19 4EP

8.30am - 5.30pm

12 Delegates ONLY - 7 Hours CPD

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This day is aimed at igniting your enthusiasm and love for removable prosthodontics, showing how we can change our patients’ lives with beautifully made removable partial dentures (RPDs).

In this one-day seminar Finlay will present his methods and techniques used to deliver RPDs with superb aesthetics and optimal function.

Finlay will cover metal based RPDs using the superb Scandinavian Design System.

This day is designed for all experiences of dentists, prosthodontists and clinical dental technicians.It will be a totally practical and clinically useful presentation; abundantly illustrated with photographs and videos showing how Finlay and his dental technician, Rowan Garstang, produce RPDs with optimal function and aesthetics.

What You Will Learn

Be able to design Scandinavian metal based RPDs for all combinations of missing teeth

Improve your skills when providing RPDs

Have an improved understanding of state-of-the-art partial dentures

Understand how to make excellent impressions to make superbly fitting RPDs

RPDs which function like removable bridges

Understand that good quality RPDs are a valid alternative to implant supported restorations

Planning tooth position and lip support

Be able to give patients’ dentures that look like age appropriate, beautiful teeth

Increased professional satisfaction and rekindle your enthusiasm for RPDs

Have improved communication with dental technicians and the dental team

Have happier patients with improved outcomes

Is this the same as the course Dr Finlay Sutton runs in Lancashire?

YES - Finlay has assured me it's the exact same content. Instead of the 60 mins live patient demo - he will share videos and cases for this instead, with the benefit of showing you more than one documented case demo.

Is there a hands-on component?

You will be designing LOTS of partial dentures. Fin said: "The delegates design the denture before I show them what I did - The main aim is for the delegates to be able to design Scandinavian RPDs for all type of cases"

Is there a social element?

As well as a luxury Turkish lunch (catering for Vegans and Veggies too) I also invite you all to join us for dinner on Friday night 13th January locally in Reading. This applies whether you have a reservation for Friday OR Saturday - please join Finlay Sutton for Dinner

Where is the nearest hotel?

Mercure West Grange Hotel is just 3 minutes drive away and very reasonable (usually £99 a night with breakfast) -

Make Partials Like Finlay

Limited to 12 Delegates ONLY.

Financial Policy

Refund Policy: If you cancel before 13th December, there is a 5% Admin fee incurred.

If you cancel on or after 14th December: No refunds but you can sell your ticket to someone else. Jaz always helps delegates fill a spot.

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